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Center for Business and Industry Offers 10 Free Workforce Training Courses Online

In an effort to support students, alumni, and local community members prepare for success in a workplace impacted by COVID-19, the Center for Business and Industry (CBI) at Worcester State University is offering 10 in-demand, self-paced, workforce training courses for free, as long as students begin training by June 30.

These 10 free courses include a mix of hard and soft skills that apply to today’s rapidly changing job market and evolving workforce demands. WSU knows that having the right skills and knowing how to utilize them is vital for both job seekers and those currently employed.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate for their professional portfolio.

The free, self-paced training courses include:

The Center for Business and Industry offers more than 1,150 online training courses that you can complete from your home or office, socially distant, safe, and on a schedule that best fits your busy life.

For more information about the Center for Business and Industry’s many online training offerings, including instructor-led and self-paced, visit the CBI website [11], email cbi@worcester.edu, or call (508) 929-8787.