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Shannon Kittredge selected for ARTivism Initiative’s juried gallery show

Shannon Kittredge has been selected to be featured in Massachusetts-based ARTivism Initiative’s juried gallery show, an exhibit that is being made available online and features social causes that are important to local artists. The exhibit is a “Postcard Project” of artwork on 4 x 6-inch pieces of canvas.

Kittredge’s postcard is a gold-and-black print featuring a sunflower with a bee and a message: “Save the Bees.” Kittredge describes her acceptance into ARTivism’s Postcard Project as a nice surprise.

“I just had fun with it and sent it in on a whim,” she says. “What I took away from the experience was to just go for it and submit your work.”

Kittredge is a sociology major with a concentration in women’s studies and minors in art and education. She says she started taking courses part time at Worcester State in 2011 while teaching in various elementary schools, after-school programs, and summer programs.

Kittredge is a student of Worcester State University VPA Professor Amaryllis Siniossoglou’s Directed Studies and Intermediate Printmaking courses.

“Worcester State’s Visual and Performing Arts Department congratulates Shannon on her impressive acceptance into ARTivism’s inspiring Postcard Project show,” says Siniossoglou. “Her meaningful piece reflects her hard work, creativity and vision. We look forward to ARTivism’s online gallery show.”

According to ARTivism’s website, the online exhibition date for the Postcard Project is May 28, with awards also being announced on that date. For more information, please visit ahaneyart.com/artivism [1]. For more art by Kittredge, please visit her Instagram page: @catpaw_prints [2].