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Treseler Receives Frontier Poetry Summer Award

A poem by Heather Treseler (English) titled “Louisiana Requiem” has won Frontier Poetry’s Summer Award, an honor for which the recipient receives $2,000.

Treseler says she is particularly gratified to have received this recognition as “Louisiana Requiem” hinges the two main sections of her manuscript together. The poem begins with a personal story, one borrowed from a close friend, and expands to address our political moment. She submitted it to Frontier’s contest in July. 

This is the second national award that poems from her manuscript, “Thesaurus for a Year of Desire,” have won in 2018.  Last spring, three of the manuscript’s poems were selected for the prestigious Furious Flower Poetry Prize for Emerging Writers [1], a national prize for poets who have published no more than one book of poems.

“I’m grateful for Worcester State’s continued support and, especially, the time my sabbatical last spring allowed me to give to the book manuscript that features these poems,” Treseler says.

“Louisiana Requiem” has been published on Frontier’s platform [2] and can be read there.