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Two Receive Binienda Public Service Awards

Imahni Bruno-Reeves ‘21 and Brandon Cisneros ‘21 received the Hon. John J. Binienda Center For Civic Engagement Public Service Awards for their “demonstrated commitment to public administration and service.”

The Binienda Center Public Service Awards are presented each year to students in their junior year who have shown a dedication to learning skills and obtaining experiences in leadership and public service.

Bruno-Reeves is a member of the Third World Alliance (TWA) and the Class of 2021 Committee. As a member of TWA for three years, she has held the positions of vice president and public relations team member.

“In these roles, I’ve learned how to program, coordinate, and facilitate activities aimed at informing, educating and encouraging students to have discussions related to ethnically and racially diverse topics,” she wrote in her essay.

Bruno-Reeves has also worked on campus as a resident assistant, an Upward Bound residential counselor, and a desk assistant, where she learned leadership skills and “how to be approachable, empathetic, and relatable to the youth.”

Cisneros has worked with the Community and Leadership Experience at Worcester State (CLEWS) for three years, during which he and other members of CLEWS volunteered their time to create a safe environment to situate a playground.

“During my attendance at Worcester State University, I have always gone out of my way in order to help others for the pure purpose to help and make a difference,” he wrote in his essay.

Cisneros has also worked with the community at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem under the direction of Bishop Charles Eatman during a New York City social justice trip, and works as a resident assistant. As a resident assistant, Cisneros is able to “further extend a helping hand and use my strengths to make sure every student has the same assistance if they so need it.”