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Criminal Justice Faculty Participate in ACJS Conference

February 27, 2018
By: Worcester State University News

Four members of the faculty in the Criminal Justice Department traveled to New Orleans to present and participate in sessions at the Annual Conference of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

John Tahiliani chaired and participated a panel entitled Designing Criminal Justice Curriculum Criminal Justice Education/Teaching Pedagogy Paper Session and presented a session titled Letting Go: A Semester of Project-Based Learning.

Aimee Delaney served as a discussant at the ACJS Doctoral Summit Networking Breakfast. She was joined by Deeanna Button of Stockton University, Cherie Carter of University of Cincinnati, Stacy Mallicoat of California State University, Fullerton, and Monica Summers of California State University, Fresno. The moderator for the event was Heather Pfeifer of University of Baltimore

Francis Olive III presented on a panel entitled Juvenile Justice: Gangs, Aggression, and Violence Juvenile Justice/Delinquents, Status Offenders, and Gangs Paper Session. He presented on Lessons Learned in Performing a Comprehensive, City-Wide Gang Assessment Study with Joseph Gustafson of Salem State University. Other presentations included Evaluating and Profiling Aggression in Juvenile Offenders; Childhood Risk Factors and Adolescent Deviance: An Analysis of the SAFE Children Study; Communities and Crime Reduction: An Evaluation of Police-Supported, Community Run Gang Intervention Programs; and Substance Use Among Adolescents: A Comparison Between Native-Born and New American Students.

Stephen Morreale chaired a paper session entitled Policing: Issues on the Job Policing/Police Personnel Issues Paper Session. Participants presented papers on topics such as Exploring Lived Experiences of Police Officers During and After Exposure to Life-threatening Incidents; The Epidemic of Opioid Substance Use: How Does it Apply to Law Enforcement Officers?; The Transition from Police Officer to Civilian: A Comparative Study; and Vicarious Trauma Experienced by Law Enforcement Officers and Victim Advocates.

He also participated as a discussant in a roundtable entitled The New Professor Dilemma: Beyond Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Criminal Justice Education/Teaching Pedagogy Roundtable. The moderator was Colby Valentine of Long Island University. Other discussants included Tiffany Kragnes of Upper Iowa University, Molly Smith of University of Arkansas Little Rock, Jason Jolicoeur of Washburn University, and Leslie Quick of Washburn University.

Morreale served as a discussant on a roundtable focused on Terrorism or Violent Extremism: The New Frontier in Higher Education Comparative/International Criminal Justice/Terrorism and Transnational Crime Roundtable. The moderator was Ardian Shajkovci from the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism and Nichols College, and Allison McDowell-Smith of Nichols College.

He presented at an open seminar entitled Influence of CSI Effect, Daubert Ruling, and NAS Report on Forensic Science Courts and Law/Procedural and Evidentiary Issues in Prosecutions with Timothy Scanlan of Loyola University and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. He also presented on a panel entitled Policing: Policing/Police Behavior and a decision-making paper session. The panel was chaired by Thaddeus Johnson of Georgia State University. He presented Elements of Decision Making in Police Organizations as well.

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