Students process to Worcester State University's Convocation

Worcester State Kicks Off New Year With Academic Convocation

September 8, 2015
By: Guest Contributor

More than 500 students as well as 150 faculty and staff members turned out for Worcester State University’s inaugural Academic Convocation, which provided an official induction of new students—both first-years and transfers—to WSU’s student body.

A procession through the Tiffany Alumni Gates on Chandler Street was followed by a short program in the Sullivan Auditorium, which featured student, faculty, and staff speakers, as well as an alumna Convocation Speaker, all of whom welcomed the students to the school. The program is designed to instill a sense of belonging as students transition into university life.

Debora Dias ’14, said the students find themselves in a place they will forever forward call home. “After finding out that Boston wasn’t for me, I looked for a school which I felt like I belonged, a home where I felt safe to think and be myself, a university where high quality academics met high quality relationships with students, professors, and staff.”

“And here at Worcester State University, I found my home.”

“My advice I’ll give you is this: at the end of every night I hope you can lay your head down and think about one new thing you learned that day, one thing you did that you are proud of, and one person who you made smile,” said Melissa Edberg, president of the Student Government Association. “If you can do that most nights, there is no doubt you will leave Worcester State ready for success and new adventures.”

Edberg paused her remarks to have students introduce themselves to someone they did not know. While initially a few students groaned, soon the entire room was abuzz with the chatter of them getting to know each other.

The ceremony was held the day before classes started. It is anticipated that Academic Convocation will become an annual event.

For faculty and staff, the day began with the traditional “Opening Day” ceremony, followed by breakout sessions on topics of use to employees.


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