Facilities Sets Protocols for a Safe Return to Campus

August 11, 2020
By: Worcester State University News

The University’s Safe Return to Campus Plan includes a robust sanitation and cleaning protocol that will reduce the spread of the coronavirus on our campus. However, everyone needs to understand the changes and follow prescribed procedures to ensure protocols are followed in order to be effective.

Disinfecting Utility Carts and Sanitation
Utility carts are located throughout all buildings on campus. These carts contain sanitizing spray bottles and paper towels. Academic and administrative office suites should collect a bottle and paper towels for use throughout their suites. Individuals are encouraged to self-perform, at a minimum, daily sanitizing of their personal office areas for frequently touched surfaces such as plexiglass dividers, keyboards, light switches, multi-function printers, door handles etc.

Facilities asks that empty spray bottles be returned to these carts and placed in the bag attached to each cart. If supplies need restocking, please contact the Facilities Office at extension 8208. University employees who need hand sanitizer can obtain it through Central Receiving and Stockroom.

Campus HVAC systems have been modified in accordance with both the Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineer’s recommendations. This includes the installation of MERV 13 filter media as well as altered operating schedules to allow for both 24-hour air flow and increases to the amount of fresh air intake.
Likewise, the campus water supplies have been flushed in accordance with best practice standards. Drinking fountains will be made unavailable. Hydrations stations will be available for use.

Facilities will continue to disinfect single-occupant offices on a weekly basis. However, occupants should leave trash and recycling receptacles outside the office at the end of each day when on campus.

Mail will not be delivered as it has been in the past. However, mail can be picked up at the Mail Center located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center. Packages and stock room supplies will be delivered.

Classroom Disinfecting, Sanitation and Usage
Bottles of sanitizing spray and paper towels are provided for each classroom. While Facilities staff have developed disinfecting schedules for all frequently touched surfaces, bathrooms, classrooms, and offices, instructors are encouraged to wipe down their work surfaces before and after each use. This includes frequently touched objects in the room such as dry erase markers, podiums, keyboards, and the like. Students can use the products provided to wipe down chair arms and desk surfaces. Empty spray bottles should be returned to the plastic bag attached to a utility cart.

Plexiglass dividers, located in both classrooms and offices, should only be cleaned with the provided sanitizing spray. Use of products containing alcohol or ammonia should not be used. The dividers should be dried only with a fiber cloth to prevent scratching the surface. Cloths can be obtained from Central Receiving and Stockroom.

Occupancy Reductions
Academic and administrative office suite waiting areas have a guest occupancy limit of two. Signs have been posted which indicate this limit. Single offices have an occupancy of one.

Each department should decide whether or not to continue use of community in-office suite convenience centers. If use is continued, the department will be responsible for sanitizing frequently touched surfaces such as appliance control panels and door handles.

Building entryways doors have been assigned single ingress/egress use and signed accordingly.

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